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Locking Supports

Locking Supports

Nylon 6.6

Click-in design.
To suit PCB thickness 1,0 - 1,8 mm.
To suit chassis thickness 0,4 - 2,0 mm.

Part Numbersize (mm)Mounting HoleStd Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
1000352000026,49844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
1000354000027,99844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
1000356000029,59844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
10003580000211,19844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,16 EUR
10003600000212,79844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,16 EUR
10003620000214,39844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,16 EUR
10003640000215,99844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
10003660000217,59844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
1003680000219,19844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,17 EUR
10003700000220,69844,7100 pc0,1 EUR0,18 EUR
10003720000222,29844,7100 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
10003740000223,89844,7100 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
10003760000225,49844,7100 pc0,11 EUR0,18 EUR
100037800002279844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
10003800000228,69844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
10003820000230,29844,7100 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR

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