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Saddle Washers

Saddle Washers

Nylon 6

For assembly of crossed round tubes

Part NumbersizeTube Diameter
Std Pack QtyPrice/Package/pcPrice
for piece
10201300000113,04,25,52,212-14500 pc0,21 EUR0,41 EUR
10201400000113,05,25,52,212-14500 pc0,21 EUR0,34 EUR
10201600000116,05,06,82,415-17500 pc0,23 EUR0,38 EUR
10201900000119,05,28,02,718-20100 pc0,35 EUR0,58 EUR
10202000000119,06,28,02,718-20100 pc0,35 EUR0,58 EUR
10202200000122,05,29,03,021-23100 pc0,41 EUR0,67 EUR
10202300000122,06,29,03,021-23100 pc0,41 EUR0,67 EUR
10202500000125,06,210,03,124-26100 pc0,46 EUR0,76 EUR
10202600000125,08,310,03,124-26100 pc0,4 EUR0,65 EUR
10202800000128,06,211,03,327-29100 pc0,58 EUR0,96 EUR
10202900000128,08,311,03,327-29100 pc0,58 EUR0,96 EUR
10203200000132,08,312,03,430-34100 pc0,82 EUR1,3 EUR
10203300000132,010,412,03,430-34100 pc0,82 EUR1,3 EUR
10205500000140,06,612,05,050-6050 pc1,7 EUR2,9 EUR
10205600000140,016,512,05,050-6050 pc1,7 EUR2,9 EUR
10205700000140,010,412,05,050-6050 pc1,7 EUR2,9 EUR

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