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Ribbed Tube End Plugs

Ribbed Tube End Plugs

White or Red LDPE. Option with finger grip for easy removal.

Part NumberColorsizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
10254White307,810000 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
199500White4010,84000 pc0,07 EUR0,14 EUR
199501White5010,82500 pc0,12 EUR0,18 EUR
199502White6010,71750 pc0,18 EUR0,25 EUR
199503White7010,51000 pc0,21 EUR0,4 EUR
199504White8012,5800 pc0,21 EUR0,4 EUR
199505White9012,5600 pc0,38 EUR0,62 EUR
199506White10012,5500 pc0,4 EUR0,66 EUR
10542White11012,8350 pc0,77 EUR1,3 EUR
199507White12012,2300 pc0,49 EUR0,8 EUR
10543White12513300 pc1,1 EUR1,8 EUR
10544White13513,3200 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR
10422Red307,810000 pc0,14 EUR0,18 EUR
199104Red4010,84000 pc0,08 EUR0,1 EUR
199126Red5010,82500 pc0,08 EUR0,14 EUR
199128Red6010,71750 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
199175Red7010,51000 pc0,12 EUR0,18 EUR
199060Red8012,5800 pc0,22 EUR0,36 EUR
199152Red9012,5600 pc0,36 EUR0,6 EUR
199166Red10012,5500 pc0,21 EUR0,34 EUR
50126Red11012,8350 pc0,73 EUR1,2 EUR
199508Red12012,2300 pc0,6 EUR0,97 EUR
50192Red12513300 pc1,1 EUR1,8 EUR
50194Red13513,3200 pc1,2 EUR2 EUR
10228*White4010,84000 pc0,08 EUR0,14 EUR
10242*White5010,82500 pc0,07 EUR0,14 EUR
10245*White6010,71750 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
10246*White7010,51000 pc0,21 EUR0,4 EUR
10247*White8012,5800 pc0,22 EUR0,37 EUR
10248*White10012,5500 pc0,43 EUR0,72 EUR

* Whithout finger grips

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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