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Keyhole Clips

Keyhole Clips

Natural Nylon 6.6. Easy finger - pressure assembly. Good electrical insulation. Vibration, abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Part NumbersizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
Panel Hole SizeMax. Panel ThicknessD
4604023,182,366,351000 pc0,15 EUR0,26 EUR
4604033,183,186,351000 pc0,15 EUR0,26 EUR
4604043,183,966,351000 pc0,15 EUR0,26 EUR
4604053,184,786,351000 pc0,15 EUR0,26 EUR
4604063,185,566,351000 pc0,12 EUR0,25 EUR
4604073,186,356,351000 pc0,15 EUR0,26 EUR
4604083,962,367,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604093,963,187,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604103,963,967,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604113,964,757,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604123,965,547,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604133,966,357,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604143,967,147,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604153,967,927,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604163,968,717,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604173,969,537,941000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604185,562,368,731000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604195,563,188,731000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604205,563,968,731000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604215,564,788,731000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
4604225,565,568,731000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
4604235,566,358,731000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
4604245,567,148,731000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
4604255,567,928,731000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
4604266,352,3612,71000 pc0,19 EUR0,3 EUR
4604276,353,1812,71000 pc0,19 EUR0,3 EUR
4604286,353,9612,71000 pc0,19 EUR0,3 EUR
4604296,354,7512,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604306,355,5612,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604316,356,3512,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604326,357,1412,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604336,357,9212,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604346,358,7112,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR
4604356,359,5312,71000 pc0,2 EUR0,32 EUR

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