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Snap Fasteners

Snap Fasteners

White Polyethylene. Ideal for fixing corrugated panels. Table 1 - 30mm Head Diameter. Table 2 - 15mm Head Diameter.

Part NumberPanel Hole SizePanel ThicknesssizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
8502160901VR8502160908VR8-206-101230301000 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
8502260901VR8502260908VR8-206-222630301000 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
8502440901VR8502440908VR8-2020-404430301000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR
8501160901VR8501160908VR8-2012-183012301000 pc0,14 EUR0,24 EUR
8501260901VR8501260908VR8-2012-302630301000 pc0,15 EUR0,25 EUR
8501440901VR8501440908VR8-2012-464430301000 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR

Part NumberColorPanel Hole SizePanel ThicknesssizepackPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
8501150901VRBlack5-100-81515151000 pc0,07 EUR0,12 EUR
8501220901VRBlack5-100-162215151000 pc0,58 EUR0,95 EUR
8501150908VRWhite5-100-81515151000 pc0,43 EUR0,7 EUR
8501220908VRWhite5-100-162215151000 pc0,54 EUR0,89 EUR

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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