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DK Film™

DK Film™

Polyester Film Tape with Silicone Coadted Release Liner. Ideal to POP displays and signage. Application temperature: 18°C to 38°C. Service temperature: -29°C to 79°C. Thickness: 13µm film, 32µm adhesive on each side. High initaial tack and shear strength. Bonds to many different surfaces including low surface energy plastics. Table 1 - Adhesive: Rubber-based permanent on both sides (not recommnended for direct UV exposure). Table 2 - Adhesive: Acrylic-based permanent on both sides (high temperature resistance, good shear strength, good UV resistance and good adhesion to flexible plastics)

Part NumberWidthRoll Length (m)roles in the packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
47301312,755487,8 EUR12 EUR
47301419,1553212 EUR18 EUR
47301525,4552415 EUR23 EUR
47301712,73051831 EUR48 EUR
47301819,13051246 EUR72 EUR
47301925,4305961 EUR96 EUR

Part NumberWidthRoll Length (m)roles in the packPrice/Package/pcprice/pc
47252312,7554816 EUR24 EUR
47252419,1553220 EUR32 EUR
47252525,4552424 EUR38 EUR

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