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Pull-Tab Cap

Pull-Tab Cap

Yellow EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). Large pull-tab allows easy removal. Internal lip prevents ingress of dirt. Material provides good tensile strength, toughness and increased flexibility.

Part Numbersize (mm)Std Pack QtyPrice for
package (pc)
464885421500 pc0,09 EUR0,12 EUR
464886520500 pc0,12 EUR0,2 EUR
464887620500 pc0,09 EUR0,17 EUR
464888820500 pc0,09 EUR0,13 EUR
464889920500 pc0,12 EUR0,2 EUR
4648901020500 pc0,09 EUR0,17 EUR
4648911120500 pc0,09 EUR0,18 EUR
4648921220500 pc0,12 EUR0,16 EUR
4648931320500 pc0,1 EUR0,2 EUR
4648941420500 pc0,12 EUR0,17 EUR
4648951520500 pc0,2 EUR0,18 EUR
4648961620500 pc0,12 EUR0,19 EUR
4648971820500 pc0,17 EUR0,2 EUR
4648982020500 pc0,12 EUR0,2 EUR
4648992030500 pc0,18 EUR0,24 EUR
4649002420500 pc0,16 EUR0,26 EUR

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