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Stainless retaining  clamps W5

Stainless retaining clamps W5

Mostly used to hold particular hoses, pipes and cables. Prevent the transmission of vibrations and insulate well. Material: stainless steel with rubber insert. Band width: 15mm, size 6mm - 40mm.

On diameterBox pricesBag prices
6mm10000,48 EUR1000,62 EUR
8mm10000,52 EUR1000,68 EUR
10mm10000,52 EUR1000,68 EUR
12mm10000,56 EUR1000,73 EUR
14mm10000,6 EUR1000,78 EUR
16mm10000,64 EUR1000,83 EUR
18mm10000,68 EUR1000,88 EUR
20mm10000,72 EUR1000,94 EUR
22mm10000,76 EUR1000,99 EUR
24mm10000,8 EUR501 EUR
26mm10000,84 EUR501,1 EUR
28mm10000,88 EUR501,1 EUR
30mm5000,92 EUR501,2 EUR
32mm5001 EUR501,3 EUR
34mm5001,1 EUR501,4 EUR
36mm5001,2 EUR501,5 EUR
38mm5001,3 EUR501,7 EUR
40mm5001,4 EUR501,8 EUR

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