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Sleeve for ventilation pipes

Sleeve for ventilation pipes

Max. allowable load at the central tension: 80 mm-400 mm: 600N, 450 mm-1400 mm: 900N
Material: CSN 11320.21
Treatment: galvanized
rubber damper insert
Material: SBR / EPDM
Fire behavior: according to DIN 4102: 1998
Using temperature range: -50 ° C to 120 ° C
The hardness of rubber insert: 45 ° C ± 5 SHORE A / S 15

Part NumberD(mm)L(mm)MStpackprice/pc
OVENTW10000008080124M8/M10M6x251,5500,94 EUR
OVENTW10000009090134M8/M10M6x251,5501,1 EUR
OVENTW100000100100144M8/M10M6x251,5501,2 EUR
OVENTW100000112112156M8/M10M6x251,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW100000125125169M8/M10M6x251,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW100000140140184M8/M10M6x251,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW100000150150194M8/M10M6x251,5251,5 EUR
OVENTW100000160160204M8/M10M6x251,5251,7 EUR
OVENTW100000180180224M8/M10M6x251,5251,8 EUR
OVENTW100000200200244M8/M10M6x251,5252,1 EUR
OVENTW100000224224268M8/M10M6x251,5252,2 EUR
OVENTW100000250250304M8/M10M8x302,0252,8 EUR
OVENTW100000280280334M8/M10M8x302,0253 EUR
OVENTW100000300300354M8/M10M8x302,0153,1 EUR
OVENTW100000315315369M8/M10M8x302,0153,4 EUR
OVENTW100000355355409M8/M10M8x302,0103,6 EUR
OVENTW100000400400454M8/M10M8x302,0103,9 EUR
OVENTW100000450450504M8/M10M8x302,556,4 EUR
OVENTW100000500500554M8/M10M8x302,556,9 EUR
OVENTW100000560560614M8/M10M8x302,558,1 EUR
OVENTW100000600600654M8/M10M8x302,558,5 EUR
OVENTW100000630630684M8/M10M8x302,55 9 EUR
OVENTW100000710710764M8/M10M8x302,5510 EUR
OVENTW100000800800854M8/M10M8x302,5511 EUR
OVENTW100000900900954M8/M10M8x302,5512 EUR
OVENTW10000100010001054M8/M10M8x302,5513 EUR
OVENTW10000112011201174M8/M10M8x302,5514 EUR
OVENTW10000125012501304M8/M10M8x302,5516 EUR
OVENTW10000140014001454M8/M10M8x302,5517 EUR

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