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Sleeve for ventilation pipes

Sleeve for ventilation pipes

Max. allowable load at the central tension: 80 mm-400 mm: 600N, 450 mm-1400 mm: 900N
Material: CSN 11320.21
Treatment: galvanized
rubber damper insert
Material: SBR / EPDM
Fire behavior: according to DIN 4102: 1998
Using temperature range: -50 ° C to 120 ° C
The hardness of rubber insert: 45 ° C ± 5 SHORE A / S 15

Part NumberD(mm)L(mm)Max. load in kNMM1S x tpackprice/pc
OVENTW100000080801300,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5500,94 EUR
OVENTW100000090901400,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5501,1 EUR
OVENTW1000001001001500,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5501,2 EUR
OVENTW1000001121121620,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW1000001251251750,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW1000001401401900,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5251,3 EUR
OVENTW1000001501502000,6M8/M10M6x2025x1,5251,5 EUR
OVENTW1000001601602100,6M8/M10M6x3025x1,5251,7 EUR
OVENTW1000001801802300,6M8/M10M6x3025x1,5251,8 EUR
OVENTW1000002002002500,6M8/M10M6x3025x1,5252,1 EUR
OVENTW1000002242242740,6M8/M10M6x3025x1,5252,2 EUR
OVENTW1000002502503000,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,0252,8 EUR
OVENTW1000002802803300,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,0253 EUR
OVENTW1000003003003500,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,0153,1 EUR
OVENTW1000003153153650,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,0153,4 EUR
OVENTW1000003553554050,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,0103,6 EUR
OVENTW1000004004004500,6M8/M10M8x3025x2,013,9 EUR
OVENTW1000004504505000,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,516,4 EUR
OVENTW1000005005005500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,516,9 EUR
OVENTW1000005605606100,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,518,1 EUR
OVENTW1000006006006500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,518,5 EUR
OVENTW1000006306306800,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,51 9 EUR
OVENTW1000007107107600,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5110 EUR
OVENTW1000008008008500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5111 EUR
OVENTW1000009009009500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5112 EUR
OVENTW100001000100010500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5113 EUR
OVENTW100001120112011700,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5114 EUR
OVENTW100001250125013000,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5116 EUR
OVENTW100001400140014500,8M8/M10M8x3025x2,5117 EUR

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