Trademark ANACONDA
Twin screw sleeve for high temperatures

Twin screw sleeve for high temperatures

In case of fire: according to the DLN 4102: 1998
Building material class: B2
Using ranged between temperatures of -50 ° C to + 220 ° C
The hardness of the rubber pads : + _ 60 ° Shore A /

Part NumberD(mm)L(mm)MM1S x tpackprice/pc
ODVOTW10001201612-1656M8M5x2220x1,251000,84 EUR
ODVOTW10001701917-1959M8M5x2220x1,251000,86 EUR
ODVOTW10002002320-2362M8M5x2220x1,251000,87 EUR
ODVOTW10002503025-3068M8M5x2220x1,251001 EUR
ODVOTW10003103831-3878M8M5x2220x1,251001,1 EUR
ODVOTW10004004640-5688M8M5x2620x1,251001,3 EUR
ODVOTW10004805348-5396M8M5x2220x1,25501,5 EUR
ODVOTW10005405954-59101M8/M10M5x2220x1,25501,6 EUR
ODVOTW10006006460-64111M8/M10M5x2220x1,5501,7 EUR
ODVOTW10006707167-71116M8/M10M5x2220x1,5501,9 EUR
ODVOTW10007207872-78127M8/M10M6x2025x1,5502,7 EUR
ODVOTW10008108681-86138M8/M10M6x2025x1,5502,9 EUR
ODVOTW10008709287-92145M8/M10M6x2020x1,5503,1 EUR
ODVOTW10009510395-103156M8/M10M6x3020x1,5503,5 EUR
ODVOTW100102116102-116170M8/M10M6x3020x1,5503,8 EUR
ODVOTW100121127121-127185M8/M10M8x3020x1,5254,6 EUR
ODVOTW100133141133-141201M8/M10M8x3020x1,5254,9 EUR
ODVOTW100159168159-168230M8/M10M8x3520x1,5255,7 EUR
ODVOTW100204210204-210283M8/M10M8x3020x1,5126,9 EUR

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