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Two-screw pipe clamp type M8  or M10 clamping head, stainless W4, W5

Two-screw pipe clamp type M8 or M10 clamping head, stainless W4, W5

Surface finish: stainless steel. Pipe clamps of a dimension of 12 to 16 mm to 60-64 mm is used for fastening M8 from a size 67 to 71 mm to 210-219 mm is used for mounting M10. Two-screw pipe clamps satisfy the highest requirements while mounting on walls, ceilings and floors but also in connection with pipes used in sanitary installations. Screws have a combined head with a cross and a slot. Use: steel pipes, cast iron pipes, copper pipes, glass pipes, plastic pipes. Field: sanitary and heating installations; gas distribution systems; air conditioning systems; tube post and others. Use within temperature range: -50 ° C to +120 ° C. We also smaller amounts than packing bag.

Part NumberExternal diameter of the pipeDN
ODVOSW40001201612-161/4"8M8M5x2020551,2100 pc1,5 EUR
ODVOSW40001701917-193/8"10M8M5x2020581,2100 pc1,6 EUR
ODVOSW40002002320-231/2"15M8M5x2020611,2100 pc1,7 EUR
ODVOSW40002503025-303/4"20M8M5x2020671,2100 pc1,8 EUR
ODVOSW40003103831-381"25M8M5x2020781,2100 pc1,9 EUR
ODVOSW40004004640-465/4"(1 1/4")32M8M5x2020861,2100 pc2,2 EUR
ODVOSW40004805348-536/4"(1 1/2")40M8M5x2020941,250 pc2,3 EUR
ODVOSW40005405954-59M8M5x22201011,250 pc2,7 EUR
ODVOSW40006006460-642"50M8M5x22201101,550 pc2,9 EUR
ODVOSW40006707167-71M10M5x22201151,550 pc3,2 EUR
ODVOSW40007207872-782 1/2"65M10M6x20251251,550 pc4,3 EUR
ODVOSW40008108681-86M10M6x20251371,550 pc4,5 EUR
ODVOSW40008709287-923"80M10M6x20251431,550 pc4,6 EUR
ODVOSW40009510395-10390M10M6x25251551,550 pc5 EUR
ODVOSW400102116102-1164"100M10M6x3025170250 pc6,3 EUR
ODVOSW400121127121-127M10M8x30251862,525 pc7,1 EUR
ODVOSW400133141133-1415"125M10M8x30252002,525 pc7,3 EUR
ODVOSW400159168159-1686"150M10M8x30252302,525 pc7,9 EUR
ODVOSW400193203193-203--M10M8x30252452,515 pc8,8 EUR
ODVOSW400204210204-210M10M8x30252852,512 pc8,9 EUR
ODVOSW400210219210-2198"200M10M8x30252852,512 pc8,9 EUR

Part NumberExternal diameter of the pipeDN
ODVOSW50001201612-161/4"8M8M5x2020551,2100 pc2,4 EUR
ODVOSW50001701917-193/8"10M8M5x2020581,2100 pc2,5 EUR
ODVOSW50002002320-23 1/2"15M8M5x2020611,2100 pc2,7 EUR
ODVOSW50002503025-303/4"20M8M5x2020671,2100 pc2,9 EUR
ODVOSW50003103831-381"25M8M5x2020781,2100 pc3,1 EUR
ODVOSW50004004640-465/4"(1 1/4")32M8M5x2020861,250 pc3,5 EUR
ODVOSW50004805348-536/4"(1 1/2")40M8M5x2020941,250 pc3,7 EUR
ODVOSW50005405954-59M8M5x22201011,250 pc4,4 EUR
ODVOSW50006006460-642"50M8M5x22201101,550 pc4,9 EUR
ODVOSW50006707167-71M10M5x22201151,5100 pc5,3 EUR
ODVOSW50007207872-782 1/2"65M10M6x20251251,550 pc6,9 EUR
ODVOSW10008108681-86M10M6x20251371,550 pc7,1 EUR
ODVOSW50008709287-923"80M10M6x20251431,550 pc7,4 EUR
ODVOSW50009510395-10390M10M6x25251551,550 pc8 EUR
ODVOSW500102116102-1164"100M10M6x3025170250 pc10 EUR
ODVOSW500121127121-127M10M8x30251862,525 pc12 EUR
ODVOSW500133142133-1425"125M10M8x30252002,525 pc12 EUR
ODVOSW500159168159-168,06"150M10M8x30252302,512 pc13 EUR
ODVOSW500210219210-2198"200M10M8x30252852,512 pc18 EUR

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